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Need help maintaining your Back-to-School enthusiasm? Maybe you and your kids are feeling draggy and it’s what, still the FIRST WEEK?

Take action and make Monday awesome. Start with a Back to School Playlist OH LOOK, we MADE YOU ONE.

Grab these tracks and put yourselves into a perfect wistful Back-to-School frame of mind. You’re Welcome.

1. Bill Haley — “A B C Rock”

I love Bill Haley sounding like a stern taskmaster and a little kid doing spelling. How do YOU spell “HEP CAT”?

2. Madness — “Baggy Trousers”

“Lots of girls and lots of boys/Lots of smells and lots of Noise” Uh-huh. From 1980, natch.

3. The White Stripes – “We Are Gonna Be Friends”

The best song the Stripes ever wrote just got bested by the best video. It’s made by DPAN, the Deaf Professional Artists Network, and signed in ASL by a bunch of adorable kids. I really do love the sign for ‘friends.’

4. Arcade Fire — “Ready To Start”

The vibe on this is kind of bittersweet … but let’s be real: So is the fact it’s September.

5. Chuck Berry — “Almost Grown”

If your kid is heading off to Grade One now, you’re probably still wondering how this happened. Here’s Chuck Berry to explain on your kiddo’s behalf. At 78rpm – just for fun.

6. Spoon — “Something To Look Forward To”

Hey parents: here’s a ‘new’ song that’s already a bzillion years old. Always puts a spring in my step, though.

7. Lil’ Mama – “Lip Gloss”

Just awesome. Watch for dancing spoons and right to the end for the sweet moral of the story.

8. Prince — “Starfish and Coffee”

Pinterest moms got you down with their fancy lunches? They got NOTHING on Prince’s friend Cynthia Rose.

9. Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra — “Definition of Funk”

Hey, everyone needs an education. An education in FUNK. This almost-instrumental is just the thing:”What is Funk? Funk is 50% Perspiration and 40% Inspiration … and 10% shakin’ booties across the nation.”

10. Nina Simone — “Please Don’t Let Me Be Understood”

Let’s be real: school is challenging for many kids, for all kinds of reasons. This one’s for the middle schoolers.

11. Queen — “You’re My Best Friend”

Friends are what gets you through. Pretty corny, right? Corny and true.

Put this playlist together right now and tell us how it goes next week!

UPDATE: Fabulous Bunch friend Mason Wright just made an Rdio Playlist of our ‘Perfect Back to School Mix’ because he’s a total mensch. Thanks so much, buddy! Follow Mason here.

Mason’s Rdio list is missing only one track – ‘The Definition of Funk’ by Shawn Lee, but you can purchase it directly from Ubiquity Records right here. (We recommend the whole album.)

Back to School Playlist

p.s. We wanted to publish this as an iTunes playlist on the store, but they don’t let you do that now, grrr. Here are the artists, tracks and albums in one handy place to help you put it together


(Need More Music? See our 2012 Playlist HERE)

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