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As we’ve pointed out before, the trials and tribulations of summer camp are what make it memorable. For the campers at Moorelands Wilderness Camp, there is research to back that up. A study conducted with the University of Toronto in 2000 helped shape the summer camp’s emphasis on positive problem-solving — helping kids find solutions by bringing the campers together as a community.

“We did the study to take a deep look to see whether we were delivering the service that we promised,” says Lynda Tilley, who has been camp director for 13 years. While campers learn traditional camp skills like swimming, canoeing, kayaking, high ropes, archery, and hiking, they also develop deeper lifelong skills like communication and decision-making. Nurturing community is a directive they take seriously.

Camp counsellor and High Ropes instructor, Danielle (nickname: ‘Cheerio’) gives an example: “Sometimes kids are terrified to climb to the highest heights they’ve ever climbed.” But with support from camp leaders and vocal encouragement from other campers, they overcome their fears. “A lot of the kids talk about the connections they make with each other here,” she adds.

“One of my girls was a brand new camper, and part of the program is a canoeing camp-out. She was terrified of going anywhere in that canoe.” With encouragement from her peers and the counsellors, she went on that overnight canoe trip, and came back flush with a sense of triumph and success. “After the trip she came back every day to tell me, ‘Hey Cheerio — guess what I did today?'”

Many kids who attend Moorelands may not have high expectations of themselves, nor do others necessarily have high expectations of them. Camp provides a safe and supportive environment where they can push themselves to achieve, often beyond what they thought they were capable of. They grow in competencies and develop character, which impacts their self-esteem — and their future.

Moorelands campers’ parents contribute whatever they can towards the cost of an 8-day camp. Fundraising makes up the difference. To find out more about Moorelands Wilderness Camp please visit their website: http://www.sendmetocamp.ca

Help fill the last 50 camp spots at Moorelands this August. There is a waiting list of kids ready to go, but they can’t afford camp without extra help. The cost for each child is $1000 per camp session – that’s $50,000 in total, our fundraising goal.

Every dollar makes a real difference!

CLICK HERE to make a secure online donation.


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