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Every week is Breastfeeding Week at my house, which is my best excuse for being a few days late with this post specially designed to coincide with World Breastfeeding Week (which ended last Sunday).

But let the festivities continue by picking one of these great picture books that celebrate and normalize the image of nursing mothers. These are not books about breastfeeding, but instead stories where breastfeeding takes place in the background as part of ordinary life, just like it does in the real world.

Kisses Kisses Baby-O!

by Sheree Fitch and HildaRose

Baby love is bursting from the pages of this board book, whose story narrates the pattern of a baby’s day.


And a part of that day is “Shhh. Hushtime. Slurping Burping Snuggle Huggle Sleepy Sleepy Baby-O,” the accompanying illustration of the nursing baby from its Mama’s point of view.

Even better: families of all different races are depicted in the book, which exists also in French and Mi’kmaq translation. (Do check out the scene about expressing milk into a bathtub in Sheree Fitch’s novel for adults, Kiss the Joy as it Flies which includes the line, “Holy shit… you’re like a goddamn cow.”)

Everywhere Babies

by Susan Meyers and Marla Frazee

This beautiful book with its bouncing rhythm never ceases to be a joy to read aloud, and I especially love that the babies in the book belong to so many different shapes of family.

breastfeeding is no big deal in Everywhere Babies, a board book for children

But this book is most remarkable for featuring my favourite image of a breastfeeding mother ever, for she is reading and, as far as I am concerned, that’s the only way to do it.

The Baby’s Catalogue

by Janet and Allan Ahlberg

My copy of this book is disgustingly battered and covered in food splatters because we took it everywhere when my older daughter was little.

breastfeeding is no big deal in The Baby's Catalogue, a board book for children

It’s one of the lesser known books by the Ahlbergs, the creative team behind Each Peach Pear Plum and The Jolly Postman, and features several stories through images of different babies and families going about their day. A day which involves mealtimes, of course, and breast-milk is just one of many items on the menu.

Hello, Baby

by Jorge Uzon

This is the first in a series of four board books by Toronto photographer Uzon which document the first year of his baby’s life.

Casual images of breastfeeding appear in Hello Baby! a board book for kids

The baby is brand new in Hello, Baby which documents baby’s tiny fingers, tiny toes and his very first feeding at his mother’s breast.

Cinnamon Baby

by Nicola Winstanley and Janice Nadeau

Cinnamon Baby tells a story that’s familiar, as a new baby cries and cries but nobody knows why.

casual images of breastfeeding in children's books, here in a picture book called Cinnamon Baby

Breastfeeding in just one of the soothing methods the baby’s mother attempts, along with puppetry, juggling and walking on her hands, but nothing works.


The solution to Baby’s woes turns out to be its mother returning to her essential self by going back to work at her bakery–the child is finally quieted when the smell of cinnamon bread fills the air.

Dogs Don’t Eat Jam (and Other Things Big Kids Know)

by Sarah Tsiang and Qin Leng

This is “What to Expect When You’re Becoming a Big Sister” in the  guise of a guide to babies that’s written from Big Sister’s perspective. “So you’ve been born! Congratulations…” it begins, and goes on to outline to the newborn all he/she has to look forward to.

images of breastfeeding in picture books

“You’re learning to drink milk,” Big Sister patiently explains, with an accompanying illustration of Mom with baby at her breast, before going on to show that Baby will learn new things every day.

Note that Sarah Tsiang is also the poet Yi-Mei Tsiang whose award-winning collection Sweet Devilry includes some of the best poems about motherhood I’ve ever encountered: “Learn a good latch, Kiddo–/ It pays to hold on/ to someone you love.”

Katie Morag and the Dancing Class

by Mairi Hedderwick

I love the Katie Morag series for a million reasons, including the map of her island village at the beginning and end of every book, how the characters challenge gender binaries, the clutter in the corners of every illustration and Katie Morag’s irrepressible spirit.

breastfeeding in booksThese books are so vivid in their realness, and accordingly, breastfeeding is depicted. In this story, Katie Morag’s mother is shown breastfeeding Baby Flora Ann (as Little Brother Liam tries on a pink tutu), and the chaos of their household is all a-swirl around her.

Have Milk, Will Travel: Adventures in Breastfeeding

by Rachel Epp Buller (Editor)

Not a picture book, but a brand new anthology from Toronto’s Demeter Press, a collection of short essays and anecdotes from breastfeeding mothers in the trenches (and some who were lucky to escape with their lives). Breastfeeding is often presented as an all-too serious, divisive issue, but these essays are light and humorous, and will provide any expectant mother with great perspective, and makes a fun read for those of us who’ve been there.

Kerry Clare reads and writes in Toronto, and blogs about it at Pickle Me This. Check out her other book lists here.

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