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The coolest, easiest way to get crafty with boxes


The only downside of “beautiful junk” crafts is that it takes time. In a perfect world, we’d have endless hours to turn cardboard boxes into arcades, or make dollhouses out of juice cartons. Hanging out with your kid and doing crazy silly fun stuff like that is well, pretty much what life is all about.

Alas, aside from leisurely weekends or the odd burst of energy, the recycling bin is usually the fate of our recyclables. At least, this is what we thought before we discovered Box Play for Kids.

This is probably the coolest and easiest way you and your kid can get super crafty with old boxes. No exacto knives, glue-guns or even supervision required. All you do is stick stickers can be stuck onto recyclables to give then a new life and a totally unique personality. There are stickers for turning paper towel roll tubes into bowling pins and trumpets, turning milk carton into pigs and trains, and egg cartons into pianos and caterpillar. Check out their gallery for a ton more ideas.

The stickers are also printed on recycled paper, so you’re saving boxes, and paper. Win!


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