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The cool new way to explore the city with your kids

Photo by Skeddy in New York.

There’s a lot to see in a city. The bright lights, the historic architecture, the urban wildlife, and the streets are a work of art in themselves. If you’re stuck in a stroller, you could miss a lot. Recognizing that mothers of babies needed new ways to connect, two enterprising women started Bottle Rocket Stroller Tours, ensuring baby New Yorkers and their parents wouldn’t miss out on the cultural life of their city.

The newly launched, mom-run company hosts tours that are 75 minutes long and $35 bucks, and delve into the big apple’s cultural hot spots and natural havens. Having the stroller-tots along is all part of the experience – immersing New York’s tiny citizens in city life, and showing new moms things they didn’t know about their city.

If you want to get out into the city and enjoy quality time with your kid, exploring your city rules. If you can’t make a Bottle Rocket Tour (though it sounds like a choice way to visit NYC, baby-in-tow!) create your own adventurous city tour. Carve out time to hit the streets and people-watch at your baby’s level, getting a good look at both graffiti and the “found installations” you stumble upon. Stop for tea, roll in the leaves with your toddler, and photo document your excursions. Make it your mission of the day.

If you’re strollering in Toronto, stop by the AGO’s Weston Family Learning Centre, where hands-on creativity for babies and up is the order of the  day. (We’ve made some sweet plasticine mini food, paper mache bowls and styrofoam prints for fantastic random acts of art.) Or, try out a new craft and a healthy sandwich at Smock Cafe, the coffee shop and family wonder workshop in the city’s west end, on Roncesvalles.

In Montreal, head to the Museum of Fine Art’s family weekends for kid-friendly art demos, workshops and artist meets. In Vancouver, the Vancouver Art Gallery’s family weekends bring together all kinds of artists and educators to teach independent and collaborative art-making.

The ways you can enjoy your city are endless. Tell us how you love to explore yours!

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