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What the cool parents are reading today: bob geldof

1. Want your kid to step in line? Try public shaming! Wait, maybe not. No, definitely do not change your kid’s cover photo on Facebook to some PSA about how she misbehaved and wasn’t allowed on Facebook for a while.

2. Or maybe presumptive, judgmental, racist people are the worst. A woman writes Dear Prudence that she was trying to befriend a mom at her daughter’s dance class, but the woman stormed off saying she was anti-adoption… and her daughter’s not adopted, but she is mixed-race.

3. A vegan book for kids. Do you think the author was banking on controversy selling their book?

4. Peaches Geldof has named her son Astala, and Bob Geldof wants his daughter to change his grandson’s ridiculous name immediately. Yes, the man whose kids are Peaches, Pixie and Fifi Trixibelle is annoyed that his daughter chose an old and obscure name from a baby name book.

5. How do you have a happy marriage? Follow these tips from a couple married 72 years. And don’t forget to share a passionate kiss at least once every 25 years.

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Photo by U2005.com via Flickr

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