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Make some bird-sized building materials

We’ve been seeing oodles of robins and cardinals flitting about the neighbourhood. Whether they’re searching around for nest-building materials or hunting for delicious bugs and worms, we’re not sure — we’re yet to decode “bird.” (We’re totally kidding; of course there’s no universal bird language!) Last week we showed you how to make Clare Crespo’s treat version of a bird’s nest; this week, we figure why not help out with the real thing?

Inspired by this post on Squashed Tomatoes, we’re scattering some nest-building materials in hope that we’ll be rewarded with a nest and some eggs to observe.

Do you want a bird’s nest in your yard or favourite park? Here are some tips we gleaned from Wild Bird Watching:

  • Cut strips of yarn and scraps of fabric into 10cm-long pieces and hang them on a low tree or place on top of other plants
  • Collect dried grass from around the garden, provided it doesn’t have any chemicals on it (A past-its-prime Easter bouquet might be a good source of foliage)
  • If you have an animal that sheds, grab a handful of pet fur you might have brushed off the dog and put it on top of a small shrub
  • Put dirt and water in an upside-down bin lid so the birds can get mud to reinforce their nests

Tell us if you’ve lured a bird into building a nest near your house! (And if you do have a nest nearby, it’s nice to observe, but be sure not to disturb it)

Top photo by Ian Kirk via Flickr

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