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Catherine Romano blogs about crafty projects for kids and parents

The sunny skies and warm weather have finally hit Toronto and we decided it was the perfect time to pull out my son’s bicycle from storage. The last time my son rode his bike (or rather, I pushed him on his bike) was in New York City, up 8th Avenue, on route to Central Park.  This year, he will be riding his bicycle along Harbourfront, in our Toronto neighbourhood.

As we dusted the bike off and polished the cherry red seat, I was reminded of my bike riding days in this city.  My favourite thing about my bike was the handle bar streamers. I loved the way the streamers floated through the air as I raced down the street, off to the park.  So, in an attempt to bring back a little old school bike fun, I decided to make some bike streamers for my son (and it was surprising simple and inexpensive).


  • Coloured plastic bags (I found my bags in the party section at the dollar store – a set of 4 bags for $1.00)
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive tape

1. Select the colour choice for your streamers.
2. Cut out long, vertical strips in each plastic bag (I used two bags for each handle bar – one purple and one red). Be sure NOT to cut all the way to the top of the plastic, leave a border.
3. Wrap the plastic border around the handle bars, and tape the edge.
4. Fluff up the streamers and your ready to ride!

Catherine Romano moved back to Toronto from New York City. Since making a few of her dreams come true in the Big Apple, completing graduate school and working in arts management at New York City Ballet, she decided to be a stay-at-home mom to her young son. Now, back in Toronto, she embarks on an exciting adventure with her new love and lively 3-year-old son. For more art, design and culture for kids and parents, check out Catherine’s blog, sweet spectacle and follow her on Twitter @catromano

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