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What’s your carrier of choice?

For bike-loving parents, it’s not a question of if you’re going to bring your kids along on a bike ride, but how. We’re taking a look at the various attachments you can put on your two-wheeler to bring the kids along — whether it’s dropping them off at school, or just riding along your favourite path in the city. We’d love if you shared what works for your family.

1. The lift trailer

The lift trailer is great for the kids who are a little older, who’ve mastered (or somewhat get) the art of bicycle balance, but aren’t quite strong enough to keep up with you. The one-wheeled trailer just attaches to your bike and ideally, the kid will help with the pedaling. (For those kids who haven’t quite mastered the balancing thing, we’ve seen training wheels attached to the trailer.

2. The front child carrier

This child seat attaches to the front of your bike, just behind the handlebars. Since you’ll have to look past the child to see where you’re going, this carrier works best with toddlers, rather than older kids. Junior gets to look ahead while relaxing with Mom or Dad’s arms providing that extra secure feeling being on either side of the kid.

3. bike trailer

The bike trailer is perhaps the most comfortable ride for the kid, but we’re just guessing here. Your pumping your legs like a madperson while the kid calmly enjoys some goldfish crackers and a juice box. When you consider the shady sheild on the trailer, isn’t this like the modern equivalent of alitter? Anyway, if you need to transport more than one kid, this is the way to do it.


4. the trail gator

This works like the lift trailer, but works with the bike your kid already has, so they don’t lose their awesome bike that they’re likely uber-proud of. Insta-tandem.

Which ones have you tried? What works best for you comfort/convenience-wise?

Top photo by richardmasoner via Flickr

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