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Introduce your kids to Ad-Rock, MCA and Mike D with the Beastie Boys for kids

It feels like the whole world is in mourning over the death of Adam Yauch, also known as MCA of the Beastie Boys. His loss affects everyone because for a good 30 years, the Beasties knew how to appeal to everyone without losing their unique punk rock-hip hop flavour. While people of all ages can and should rock out to the Beastie Boys, we think they’re especially well-suited to kids because of their fast, funny lyrics, their zany costumes and their amazingly creative music videos. Throwing on a Beastie Boys record is guaranteed to get your body movin’.


Sure, you could probably throw on any Beasties tune from any album and find yourself with a gem, but here are a few we like:

1. “Sure Shot” from Ill Communication (1994)

Last year some video editing genius matched up “Sure Shot” with some Sesame Street clips. It’s pretty great. And here’s the full version of the song.

2. Paul Revere from License to Ill (1986)

In this fictional telling of how the Beastie Boys met, you might want to gloss over some of the lyrics, what with the guns and the threats and stuff.

3. No Sleep Till Brooklyn from License to Ill (1986)

One the one hand, it’s kind of a fun road trip song talking about some of the antics the Beasties get up to, but on the other hand, you’ll need to do a little bit of censoring (i.e. singing louder than the music) to drown out the line “MCA’s skeezing a whore.” It’s a good thing those rhymes are so fast, you and your kids can just sing along to the “no sleep till…” parts and just dance while they’re rapping the verses.

4. (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party)  from License to Ill (1986)

Again, sing over the odd line, “Now your mom’s threw away your best porno mag,” lest you have to explain “porno” to a kid. Questionable lyric aside, this is perhaps the Beasties’ best-known song and it’ll forever be more of a party rock anthem than anything those LMFAO dudes could come up with.

5. Intergalactic from Hello Nasty (1998)

Throw on “Intergalactic,” do the robot and let the beat… drop.

6. What’cha Want from Check Your Head (1992)

You just gotta love lines like “I’m as cool as a cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce.”

7. Hey Ladies from Paul’s Boutique (1989)

A celebration of disco and cowbell. Kids love cowbell.

8. Triple Trouble from To the 5 Boroughs (2004)

Watch a vengeful sasquatch dash around town, take down each of the Beastie Boys and dolly-wheel them to his cave. They play some bongos, do some jumping jacks and make a dinner of salad and bagels. Then they play basketball in animal costumes. Bromance at its finest.


fully posable beastie boys dolls action figures

1. Now, your kids can have their own personal 12-inch AdRock, MCA and Mike Ds and make them do awesome b-boy stances. These posable action figures aren’t your typical superhero action figures, as they’re wearing button down shirts, pants and shoes, but they also come with intergalactic white jump suits and Japanese decal stickers.

2. For walls that need funkifying, this adorable brass monkey framed print adds some fun. This cuddly sock monkey isn’t near as stiff as the beverage version the Beastie Boys refer to. Or maybe you’d prefer a wall decal of the Beastie Boys dressed as a pirate, bumble bee and a chick?

3. Your kids original works of art look even more stunning when they’re held up on the fridge with this set of four mini LP cover magnets.

4. For the crafsters among us, this “She’s Crafty” canvas craft tote is perfect for lugging around craft supplies or toys on playdates.


1. If your kids has a beastie ‘tude, give them the threads to match. This screen printed romper with the Beasties on it will get them started early! If your kid is licensed to spill, get them the onesie that says it. Oh yeah, it’s white and everything.

2. For the more advanced fan, these screenprinted shirts are great for declaring devotion loud and proud. Sea horses, furry animals and cartoon b-boys add some character to the wardrobe.

3. Jazz up that backpack with some of these fan-tastic buttons. The funky trio will watch over you where ever you go.


1. Cooky puss, the Beastie’s 1983 EP, is a reference to the Cookie Puss ice cream cake sold by American ice cream manufacturer, Carvel. The cake has cookie eyes, a squiggly icing mouth and an ice cream cone nose. It’s not much to look at, really, but an ice cream cake is an ice cream cake. Make your own DIY cookiepuss with these instructions from the Post Punk Kitchen.

2. Mike D and his wife Tamra Davis are serious about feeding their kids healthfully. Tamra’s book and cooking show have lots of ideas for pot lucks, bake sales and Mexican fiestas with a killer soundtrack to match. She’s a down to earth mama who traded in a fast-paced, glitzy career for a slowed-down life focused on her family. She told us all about her family’s favourite meals, how she gets her boys to eat their veggies and what its like hanging out with the other Beasties.

3. The 1994 EP Pretzel Nugget contained the favoured tune “Sabotage.” Throw it on and sabotage your hunger with some homemade soft pretzel bites with cheese dipping sauce. Perfect for an dance party refuel break.

4. The cocktail that inspired “Brass Monkey” is traditionally made from a 40 oz (1.2 L) bottle of Old English Malt liquor (y’know, the real classy stuff), and a 355 mL bottle of orange juice. Mixology requires that you drink the 40 to the label, then pour in the OJ. To make a virgin cocktail your kids can enjoy, sub the OJ for Orangina, and sub the beer for ginger beer. That’ll give it the spicy zip that’ll make your kids want to pour it on their face when it’s time to get ill.

Photos by lamoe79, minifigisachandra via Flickr and dolls via the official Beastie Boys merchandise store

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