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A good project for your mini art lover, perhaps?

French artist Jocelyne Grivaud has been fascinated by Barbie ever since she was a girl. After her mom knit her Barbie a custom gown and little pink shoes, Grivaud was hooked. Years later, hearing so much criticism heaped on her beloved doll, that she’s “too blond, too superficial, too skinny,” Grivaud followed her mother’s example and created some different looks for Barbie. But these looks weren’t just any old fashion trend, Grivaud looked to art and beauty icons past and present for style inspiration. Her Barbies range from Venus de Milo to Coco Chanel to James Cameron’s Avatar.

The photo above is obviously Grivaud’s take on Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring; we’re also rather fond of the Chanel ad. With the right hat and without the cigarette, this look would be pretty easy to reproduce.

Barbie Work of Art

But Barbie’s ridiculous proportions really stand out when you look at Grivaud’s recreation of Man Ray’s famous cello. Something’s just not right …

Barbie As A Work of Art

What iconic images would you recreate with a Barbie? Maybe the National Geographic cover with the young Pashtun girl, Sharbat Gula? Annie Hall Barbie? A Frida Kahlo self-portrait? Yeah, we’re going to go with Frida. All you’d need is a sharpie, some tiny faux flowers for her hair, some drape-y fabric to wrap around her hair and/or body and a fantastic Barbie-sized piece of jewelry.

For the record, we also think this would be pretty fun to try with teddy bears. Teddy Van Gogh or Vincent Van Bear?

all images by Jocelyne Grivaud. source: CBC

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