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Sometimes we look to art to inform our actions. Do not look to the beloved cast of Mad Men for fathering advice.

The 60’s were an incredible time in America — especially if you were a non-breathable fabric — but despite the rosy recollections of many lazy memories, children didn’t exactly place high on their parents’ priority list. Particularly not when it came to their dads’ priority list.

Dads were not expected to join their wives in the delivery room — they weren’t even expected to be at the hospital. Many fathers raised their children the same way that they had been raised: without affection after a certain, very young age so as not to ‘spoil’ them.

Mad Men so devastatingly recreates the realities of that era in America. Each brutal relationship has been painstakingly crafted with insight and empathy. Without further ado, the stark realities of 60’s parenting, Dad style:

1. “Do as I say, not as I do.” And if you haven’t watched last week’s episode, then please, don’t watch this video.

Don’s whole life is a lie, but that doesn’t stop him from holding his kids to a standard that he will never expect from himself.

2. “Are the kids lacking discipline? Scare the bejesus out of them.”

If your children are acting like children, why not get in on the fun? Let that id out of the box have at it!

3.” Appreciate your family…but do it when they aren’t around.”

The nice thing about having a family when you work all the time is that you can manage to feel nostalgia for what you’re missing in the present.

4. “Don’t fuss too much over babies.”

After all, a baby is just something that got in the way of that woman’s sexuality, right?

5. “You’re lucky I made you.”

Because I am the giver of life and I am the destroyer of worlds.

Oh, old school Dads, thanks for reminding us that we are making progress! There are so many lovely men raising happy and well-supported children these days. Times have actually changed, and for the better. So don’t listen to these 60’s dads, they’re so confused.

Jon Hamm being just himself, on the other hand, is excellent at giving advice.

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