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A school bookkeeper in Atlanta named Antoinette Tuff is a hero.

Last Wednesday, a man named Michael Brandon Hill snuck into Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy in Atlanta armed with an AK 47-style rifle and almost 500 rounds of ammunition, according to police. He shot the floor and exchanged gunfire with police once they surrounded the school of 870 students. But no one got hurt.

Why? Tuff talked to Hill, and much of her conversation was caught on a 24-minute 911 recording. How she talked Hill down from wanting to harm anyone is both human and incredible.

Tuff told Hill about her own personal tragedy of losing her husband, and that her child has a disability. Before Hill surrendered, Tuff went on the school’s public address system to say that Hill was sorry and didn’t want to hurt anyone. She told Hill she loved him, she’d pray for him and, once he had surrendered his weapons:

We’re not gonna hate you, baby. It’s a good thing that you’re giving up.”   

Sources: ABC News + SlateUSA Today

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