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Toronto animator Aiden Glynn has been making the streets of his city a little friendlier – by seeing the monster potential of simple street fixtures. His monster-garbage-can (pictured above) caused a bit of a stir when it appeared at the Air Canada Centre a while back.

But since then he’s been busy. As he explained to Toronto Star reporter Jacques Gallant, where others see drab fixtures, he sees faces:

“I’ll look at a park bench and I’ll say: ‘That looks like a nose, I could put eyes on that,’” he told the Star.


A parking fixture at Yonge and Queen’s Quay — and another at Harbour and Yonge. (People were giggling as he put this one together.)


An outdoor ashtray – he calls this one ‘Smokers Are Jokers’


Smokers are JokersAid-2 Aid-3


Googly-eyed dumpster at Harbour and Bay:


Previously, Glynn has amused himself by adding speech bubbles to various public sites. 

It’s something you and your family could easily liven up  your neighbourhood with, right? Do like Toronto dad Jason Cavener did and enlist your kids to transform everyday life through street art.

Here’s a fun (and easy) suggestion: Take inspiration from the stealth ‘Googly-Eye Bombers’ and look around for clever ways to liven up your neighbourhood with watchful eyes.

It’s an international movement of sorts! – started by two Danish fellows. Post your best ones to the Flickr group.

And be sure to show and tell at Bunch’s Facebook page!

source: Toronto Star, Design Taxi and Aiden Glynn

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