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The easiest fun you and your kids ever had in 5 minutes


I went to check out the new Tequila bar on Ossington with a friend last Tuesday night and when I came home my husband had invented this very simple and surprisingly cool way to turn cookies after dinner into a Jackson Pollock influenced art making activity.

I was super impressed and have vowed to go out for cocktails on weeknights more often since it clearly inspires my family to be creative! Anyone want to meet-up for a Tequila next week?


Oreos or a similarly flat, sandwich type of cookie. A dark brown almost black cookie is best (aesthetically).

Cake icing tubes in an assortment of colours. We used the kind that are called “Scribblers”.


  1. Give cookies to each kid and to yourself
  2. Place icing tubes on table where everyone can easily reach them
  3. Help kids remove caps as required
  4. If they fight over colours, tell them to work it out themselves.
  5. No need to give them instruction about how to apply the icing to the cookies, they are creatures of instinct and will know what to do
  6. Decorate a cookie yourself , it’s fun.
  7. Do not let the kids squirt icing directly in to their mouths
  8. Admire the cookies and photograph them if you wish
  9. Eat the cookies *

*Carefully consider whether or not YOU want to eat the cookies. Icing-covered cookies taste better to kids than they do to grown-ups. Consider putting the cookies you decorated in their lunch boxes for tomorrow.

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