Welcome to Bunch Family, a Toronto-based site for parents everywhere living an exuberant, urban, connected family life. Bunch started as a series of fun parties and family-friendly rock shows in 2006, becoming an online magazine in 2008.

Bunch doesn’t believe having a baby means having to scurry off to babyland, never to be heard from again. Bunch doesn’t think having kids means having to lose touch with who you used to be — and who you still are.

We adore our kids and we love being parents; we just don’t think being a mom or a dad is the beginning and end of our identity. We want to stay right here in the middle of cultural life, with kids in tow. We haven’t stopped caring about music, politics, books, culture or the city we live in — and neither have you.

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Bunch Family’s founder and publisher is Rebecca Brown: get in touch with her regarding business matters including advertising, co-sponsorship or other opportunities for your brand. She can be reached at rebecca [at] bunchfamily [dot] ca

If you have a personal essay for us (for example: ‘True Confession’ or ‘Life Lessons’) or want to write a Bunch Guide, please get in touch! Include ‘New Writer’ in the subject line.

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