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When you love something, launch it into space

Rob Fugelseth wanted to make his four-year-old son smile, so he stuck his favourite toy train into a weather balloon along with an HD camera and a cell phone with GPS— and headed to an undeveloped construction site to launch it into space.

Rather random idea? Perhaps, but, wow, totally awesome nonetheless.

Fugelseth made this video to show Stanley trip from the launch all the way back to his kid’s hands. Watch Stanley’s photoshopped expression of wonder and joy as he blasts off into the stratosphere and soars over rooftops. He gets disgruntled when the balloon bursts at 18 miles and he free falls back to earth, but returns to happy again as he hits the ground 27 miles from the launch pad. One very happy child retrieves him.

Want to do something this cool for your kid? Fugeleth told his Facebook fans all the info they need is online if you Google “weather balloon in space.” He gives his list of his equipment and hints. He also warns: don’t blame Stanley if you get arrested.

Give their page a like and let’s hope we see more intergalactic activities from this duo soon.

And here’s to you Stanley… one small step out of the station, one large step for train kind.

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