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In praise of the cool dad and all he does

Chris Shulgan, author of Superdad: A Memoir of Rebellion, Drugs and Fatherhood  may have said it best himself: “while pop culture may be behind the times in portraying today’s engaged, awesome fathers, something different is happening in more niche counter-cultures, where musician dads and film director dads and writer dads, some of whom belong to the Bunch Community, are creating new ways of seeing the male half of parenting.”

We really are lucky to know so many incredible Dads and be able to share their stories with our readers. We’re always inspired to hear about their experiences navigating the world as parents and punk rockers / hip hoppers / hipster kings and more. They’re not awesome Dads in spite of those extra curricular activities, but because of them.

Shulgan wasn’t totally sold on being a dad thanks to the prevailing image of the lameoid Danny Tanners of the world. He looks at the 5 clips that messed up his initial perception of fatherhood, from bumbling Clark Griswold to Tom Bueller. Now, of course, Shulgan is a total super dad.

And then there are those who set awesome-dad examples in their own unique way. Gavin McInnes’s brings joy to his family by plotting elaborate practical jokes around his children. In his holiday gift guide, he unearths the creepiest artefacts he can find in his attic and terrifies his son and daughter with them. But when it really comes down to it, this man makes Tinkerbell pancakes for his daughter on Sunday mornings. His daughter appreciates it – check out her precious love notes he shared with us.

In other hardcore adorable examples, Damian Abraham of the band F**** Up excels at hardcore fun with his family. He shares his best family memories, including playing Holden his first record and first concert. When he can’t be around to bring awesome music into his son’s life, he’s counting down his days on tour with a homemade countdown calendar.

Our favourite Hip hop pop, Dalton Higgins (AKA Daddy Dalt) offered up some of his favourite examples of Dads in music. The first old-school pro-daddyhood rap anthem he fell in love with: Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs “Be A Father To Your Child”. Will Smith’s “Just the Two of Us” also gets an honourable mention. Dads like Damian and Dalton are part of the reason we got so jazzed about The Other F Word, a doc about how the punk rocker navigates the world as an anti authority figure / parent.

Some dads choose to assert their badassery in more subtle ways, like our Geekdad homie Ken Denmead, who shared his favourite geeky projects to do with his kids. Because nothing quite hits the spot like a lego demolition derby.

And the cool dads just keep coming. Earlier this year, we got a chance to speak with Trevor MacDonald about his life as a transgender, breastfeeding dad. His story is as inspiring as it is shocking. “One woman harassed us on an airplane, telling me that I was ruining my child. Then she advised me that Jesus loves me.” This kind of lactivism ain’t easy.

Whatever kind of rad dad you happen to have in your life, show him you love him to pieces this Sunday. Whether you shower him in cool Father’s Day gifts, make him some monster socks, or play some daddyhood rap and cuddle on the couch, we wish you the best Father’s Day ever!

Photo by terwilliger911 via Flickr. 

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