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Photographer Jade Beall was sick of feeling bad about her post-baby body and wanted to inspire other women to embrace their newly altered selves. She started taking pictures of herself. They were honest, unphotoshopped images of a woman’s post-pregnancy body. After posting a few photos on her Facebook page women started contacting her, asking to be photographed.

The resulting images ballooned into a book project titled “A Beautiful Body“.

The goal is very simple, we all have the right to feel beautiful, not because we are perfect but because we are loved. My favorite image is the one at the top of this piece. There is something so striking about a mother standing vulnerable surrounded by her sons. Our children adore us, flaws and all. How do we teach our sons to see beauty as equal, flawed and interesting ? How do we teach our daughters to be proud of their scars?

The book is already garnering lots of attention. Clearly there is a real desire for honest images of women’s bodies. But there is also a great need that we as women have to be seen. Not as an ideal or an object but for who we really are. Michele Marks writes about the transformative effect of being seen by the camera here.

There is now a Kickstarter campaign to get this book published by early 2014 and she’s already more than doubled what she was asking for. If you’d like to participate in the project or want to preorder a copy of the book visit the project’s website. Jade’s goal is to publish this book uniquely with the funds of women who want to see real and accurate depictions of their bodies in the mainstream media. She’s succeeding!

 source: Jezebel, Jade Beall



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