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No Angle In Article About ‘Queer Spawn’

An article in the Toronto Star a week or so ago featured three twenty-something adult children from three different lesbian households in Toronto. The point of the story: that these kids turned out fine, despite growing up a couple of decades before there were enough same-sex parents out there to officially qualify as a small minority. One… Read More »

Obama win: super good news for Canadian queer spawn

Kids notice stuff. The other day, my five-year old asked why all her daycare teachers have dark skin, while all the teachers at school have white skin. At that moment, I decided that I couldn’t effectively tackle the complexities of institutional racism and sexism and crunch them into a preschool level. Instead, I opted to… Read More »

Queer Parenting News Round-Up – June 7

The latest queer parenting news round-up! The male donors are all right Lesbian parents are satisfied with how much contact we have with male donors, and we usually don’t think of known donors as dads, according to according to a study out of the Williams Institute. Participants in the study say they think of their relationships… Read More »

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Queer Parenting News – Love edition

Welcome to Thursday! After more than two years (!!) of coming to you on Fridays, Queer as Moms is moving to Thursdays, so don’t go thinking it’s TGIF! (Probably no one but me is doing that – but there’s a public service announcement for you all.) I’m sticking to the habit of summing up the… Read More »

Queer parents in the News

1. GAY DADS IN AUSTRALIA EARN PAID PARENTAL LEAVE Though there is still no same sex marriage in Australia, queer dads recently gained an important victory when the country passed the Paid Parental Leave and Other Legislation Amendment, which grants equal access to paid parental leave benefits for both same and opposite sex families. Under… Read More »

Queer Parenting News Roundup

From the ridiculous to the delightful to the bittersweet, a round-up of the latest queer parenting news. 1. The ridiculous: One Million Moms protest J-Lo’s show that doesn’t exist   And you thought there were real problems in the world. Here goes: Jennifer Lopez pitched a show about a multi-ethnic lesbian couple raising a bunch… Read More »

Parents of Queer Kids Say the Darndest Things

Having your head buried deep, deep in the burrows in denial took on a whole new meaning this week with the news that Hong Kong real estate tycoon Cecil Chao Sze-tsung is offering $63-million, to any man who can convince his lesbian daughter Gigi (already married to a woman, by the way) to wed. Cecil… Read More »

Q & A With Queer Parenting Pioneer Rachel Epstein

Meri Perra blogs about the challenges she and her partner face in trying to raise their girls with feminist values. You can’t help but think activists like Rachel Epstein have made it that much easier for the rest of us queer parents. Mother of 19-year old Sadie, Epstein parented within a lesbian relationship years before… Read More »

It’s Here, It’s Queer and We’re Basically Ready For It: Family Pride Round-Up Part 4

Meri Perra blogs about the challenges she and her partner face in trying to raise their girls with feminist values Today after work my partner will go in search of pink hair dye. She wants me to take the time to buy a new dress, like there is something wrong with worn out yoga pants.… Read More »

What I Miss About Being Queer and Going to Pride Before I Became a Mom: A Flashback to Prides Past

Meri Perra blogs about the challenges she and her partner face in trying to raise their girls with feminist values It’s probably fair to say that Gavin McInnes of Street Carnage and I misspent our pre-parent lives differently. But the list of things he used to do before fatherhood inspired the same from me. Why… Read More »

We’ve Made It: Lesbian Moms Are Everywhere

Here’s the proof – we’ve even infiltrated Disney. (Yikes.) 1. Ok. I’m getting cold. It must be from what’s frozen down below. Disney Channel’s “Make Your Mark” featured a teen, Ben, and his two moms last month. (Yes, as in, two lesbian moms.) You can’t see the video in Canada, so you’ll have to live… Read More »

Ready, Set, PRIDE!

I’ve been writing recently about what can only be described as my tumultuous love affair with my Babboe cargo bike. My Babboe is a sturdy, big Dutch gal that in the three or so months we’ve had her has proven to be a great, slow ride across town with the kids. Except when I cause her damage and… Read More »