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Precious Chong Pushes Boundaries

An interview with actress Precious Chong Bunch talked to actress Precious Chong about motherhood, growing up with Tommy Chong and her show, Push… One Mother Of a Show Q: Are people surprised to hear about your childhood? A: I was straight and academic growing up. I wanted to be the opposite of my parents. It’s… Read More »

Precious used to work in kids’ parties, now she doesn’t know what to do for her son’s birthday

Jack’s birthday is coming up. He wants to have a slumber party. It was my suggestion. Why? Why did I mention slumber party?  What am I, crazy?! I just loved slumber parties when I was a kid. It was so 1970’s, right? Bring your own sleeping bag, stay up all night giggling, come home in… Read More »

L.A. Woman, late again: Precious Tries to Make It To School On Time

I’m not the most punctual person. I try. I do try. But it doesn’t come easy to me. Like math — or packing — I have to really work hard at it. At being on time. I have Jack all week during the next while because Wes is directing a show in Niagara Falls. This means… Read More »

Precious Loves Audrey: Hanging Out With Your Son’s Baby Half-Sister

Precious Chong blogs about co-parenting alongside her ex and his new fiancee Even in a harmonious divorce and an amicable co-parenting situation, there are still painful moments that take me by surprise. One year Jack made Mother’s Day gifts for Sarah and me; they were not the same (shame on you daycare!) and to be… Read More »

Meet Precious and Wes and Jack and Sarah and Audrey and Viktor

Precious Chong blogs about co-parenting alongside her ex and his new fiancee It’s been a bumpy road to here. Wes and I, met, got engaged, got married, got pregnant in three months (two of those months were spent in different countries). I then moved to Toronto where we bought a house, had a baby, moved… Read More »

moving day

The Big Move

It’s been a while.  School, fall, work and me and Viktor (my long-suffering Ukrainian on again/off again boyfriend) found a house — and we bought it! Jack and I moved out of our place last weekend. The move was fast and furious there was no time to reflect. But looking back, that place was the… Read More »

PRECIOUS CHONG on camp: precious as an alien on the set of her dad's movie

On A Lifetime Of Camp

I taught my ‘film in a week camp’ last week and even though it was the long weekend, I still started the camp on the holiday Monday. Ugh, I’m not always good with details. So half of the 4 kids who signed up for the camp were not going to be there and Jack’s daycare… Read More »

Just Have The Goddamn Baby

The Queen said she doesn’t care if it’s a boy or a girl, she just wants Kate to have the goddamn baby already. She has her summer hols planned, after all. People are placing bets. It was going to be a race between Kim Kardashian and Kate, but North West arrived early.

Nutella parent

Am I A Nutella Parent?

One of the things that gave me anxiety at the thought of being a mother was cooking meals and feeding my child. I was a single gal around town for most of my early adulthood, and like a lot of women from my generation I had a baby in my thirties — my mid-thirties. I… Read More »

High, Mom - Precious Chong on marijuana legalization

High, Mom

I was asked to emcee the 420 Ottawa ‘Fill the Hill’ Rally. I get it. My dad is Tommy Chong:  I’m the Justin Trudeau of marijuana. But I have a son. I’m a responsible parent. How have I become the Pot Mom? To be perfectly honest, I want marijuana to be legal so my kid… Read More »


Juice Cleanse

“Jack seemed angry at you when he saw you at our place,” Wes tells me. We are driving to record a podcast for a new show I’m doing with Melissa Story about being single moms (shameless plug), and I’ve asked Wes to be our third guest. It’s also the last day of a five-day Juice Cleanse I… Read More »


Code Word

Code word. That little girl in Ajax had a code word, one that saved her from being abducted by a stranger. I tried to create a code word with Jack. A secret word that only those closest to him would know so that if ever a stranger approached him and said, “Your mom asked me… Read More »