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Summer nights are when the real magic happens

Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Summer nights be as awesome as those lazy, hazy days. Wake up your senses with these 8 fun activities for after dusk.

Blow glow-in-the-dark bubbles

What’s more fun than blowing bubbles? Blowing bubbles that glow! Cut open glow sticks and pour them into a bottle of bubble solution for a magical effect. We also encourage personalized DIY bubble wands for maximum originality.

Explore your neighbourhood with flashlights

When you’re small, the neighborhood hood feels like a totally different place at night. A midsummer night’s jaunt can turn you into a night explorer of new territory. Stock up an explorer pack with flashlights, popcorn and a camera. See if you can spot some nocturnal wildlife, pick a bouquet of aromatic wildflowers and keep an eye out for moonbows.

Take magical nighttime portraits 

Take advantage of the cool light at twilight to take some ethereal portraits. You can achieve some magical effects without even using Photoshop. Some props to include: glittery sheer scarves, glowsticks, ribbons, bubbles, masks, and sparklers. Techniques to try: tossing glitter into the air, twirling silky scarves around, wearing bangles of glowsticks and dancing. The night sky is the limit when it comes to magical night time portraits. Oh, and send us your creations!

Stage a glow-in-the-dark egg hunt

If you still have some of those plastic egg shells lying around from Easter, you’re in luck. All you need to do to create a glowing scavenger hunt in your backyard is fold up a glow stick into a knot and stick one in each egg. Make sure you hide each egg well in bushes and plants.  You can also do this inside on a rainy day, just turn off all the lights and hunt with flashlights.

Try glow-in-the-dark lawn bowling

Turning your backyard into a rock n’ bowl alley can be conducive to hours of retro fun. Soundtrack of old school disco jams absolutely necessary.

You’ll need:

10 clear plastic bottles in different sizes

10 glow sticks

Sparkly glitter (optional)

Fill each bottle with water. Cut open a glow stick and pour the contents in. Add glitter and shake to combine. Stand them up on flat ground (if you really want to go nuts, create a bowling lane with glow in the dark streamers). A basketball or soccer ball makes a great through-the-legs bowling ball.

Feast on awesome glo-cones

The hot summer night’s answer to snow cones: glo-cones! Giverslog are the brainiacs behind this idea. Get a plastic cup and a clear cup. Stick a folded up glow stick in the bottom of the plastic cup, and stick the clear cup inside the plastic one. Fill with shaved ice. To make the glo-cone syrup, mix ½ cup sweetened, flavoured drink mix with ¾ cup hot water. Let cool, and pour over the shaved ice!

Do some sparkler writing 

If you can’t light off fireworks or host the blazing bonfire of your dreams in your backyard, make do with sparklers. Here’s a cool, interactive sparkler activity that let’s you capture sparkler light messages on film.

Make shadow monsters on the side of your house

Make your own spooky shadow puppets and shine a flashlight behind them to cast their shadow onto the side of your house. Make them as big or as little as you want, depending on how much you want to creep out your neighbors.

Photo by barkgamma ray productionsdavecobbsplorp via Flickr. 

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