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Accommodate your surplus of holiday greeting cards creatively and minimize clutter by turning them into funky Christmas decor

Sure, you could pile them on your mantle, but then where would you put your antique Santa ornament or dreidel collection? Here are six ways to display all the lovely holiday greetings you and your family have received:

Card Tree: Put together your own bouquet of dried winter branches (or a mix of pussywillows, branches and cedar bough) in a vase. Stick them into a piece of foam if you want them to stay put. Punch a hole in the top middle of your cards and suspend from branches with a loop of ribbon or small craft clothespins. Alternate cards with ornaments if you want to pump up your display.

Glass coffee table collage: If you have one of those versatile coffee tables with a glass covered top, give it a seasonal modification by arranging your cards underneath.

Pinup card wreath: Using wood glue, stick some mini wooden clothespins (available at craft stores) to a large embroidery hoop. Alternate clothespins to point outward and inward, about 1 ½ inches apart. Suspend the hoop from a ribbon and hang on a wall or a hook from the ceiling for a mobile effect. Clip cards in place as you receive them. This wreath looks better the messier it gets!

Ribbon mobile: Using any ribbon you have on hand (and you probably have leftovers from wrapping gifts), you can create an artistic mobile to hang your cards up and out of the way. Line the inside of one ring of a large embroidery hoop with double sided tape. Fold ribbons over the ring, pressing against the tape. Punch a hole in the top middle of each card and tie the ribbon around it. To hang, tie two ribbons to opposite sides of the hoop and hang from a hook in the ceiling.

Jingle bell mantel display: Position some large jingle bells (available in any craft store) among some garland or fake snow covering your mantel. Set cards in the slits of the bells so they stand. Jingle bells also make handy place card holders for a dinner table. Stick a piece of cardstock with each name into one of the slits.

Pine cone basket: Fill a basket with an arrangement of pine cones and garland. The cones make natural card stands, stick the cards between the scales. Display as a centerpiece or set on a mantle.

After all the presents are pillaged and your staring into a sea of leftovers, stash your cards as craft material to use for DIY cards next year.

You can make your own gift tags by cutting off the face of an old card, punching a hole to the top center and covering it with a reinforcement sticker and looping a ribbon through. You can also turn your cards into gift boxes or gift pouches!

Photos by mag3737, stir wise owl

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