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Down with boring bath time!

There’s no way around bathing. It has to be done. But there’s no reason it should feel like a chore. When you’re feeling extreme, put a few of these easy ideas into action for a bath time experience that will get your kid as stoked as they are squeaky clean.


Shaving cream makes a great base for puffy, fluffy paint. It’s awesome for finger painting because kids just want to stick their hands into it. Squirt some into muffin tins or plastic cups and add a few drops of food colouring to each (we highly encourage the neon kind). Now dig in and paint all over the tub, walls and shower curtain. Or play tic tac toe. Then, just rinse off.


Big suds are a small effort that can take an everyday from zero to hero. Facilitate max lathering with this DIY bath craft you can make in a snap.

You’ll need:

A sock

Embroidery thread

Bar of soap

Turn the sock inside out, and sew a few stitches on either side of the toe, just above the seam. Flip the sock right side out again, and stick in the bar of soap. The seam should look like the mouth. Tie the end of the sock with thread and trim off the ankle part.



When it comes to bath time ambience, glowsticks totally trump candles. Turn off all the lights of place glowsticks at the bottom of the tub. When a thick layer of bubbles are on top of the water, the whole bath gets multicoloured and illuminated. Your kid will feel like a mythical monster splashing around in a magical bog.


This idea from Experimenting Mom is totally awesome for kid builders. This crafty mama lives on the 7th floor of an apartment building, so there’s no backyard on hand for water fun. This bath tub water wall makes a great solution. Essentially a DIY maze of funnels and tubes and bottles, pouring water into the funnels becomes a totally fun game.

You’ll need:


Yogurt containers

Duct tape

Flexible rubber tubing segments

Start by sticking a a few different funnels into segments of rubber pipe and taping them secure. Next, tape the pipes to the shower wall at different levels and making them snake around in different ways. Make the water fall from different segments of tube into different funnels placed below one another, or even a plastic watering can taped to the wall on an angle so when it fills up it spurts out the spout. You can make it a plinko style game with a yogurt container at the bottom and see which tube reaches first! The tape will lose its stickiness after each bath, but rebuilding the wall each time can be super fun.


Fizzy, crackly and scent-tastic bath bombs make a great multi sensory addition to the bath. Check out our easy DIY bath bomb recipe for a how-to. Once you’ve mastered this simple bomb, you can get a little more funky by adding glitter or small toys (for ghouls, an exploding bath bomb filled with plastic spiders or wormies can turn the bath into a creepy swamp!) Experiment with different colours, shapes and scents till your heart’s content.


  • Cut sponges into cool shapes by tracing around cookie cutters
  • Cut windows in a shower curtain
  • Make multicoloured ice cubes with food colouring and toss them into the tub and try to catch them before they melt. If you have a fish shaped ice cube tray, even better.
  • Make your own rainbow soap balls from leftover soap nubs. Microwave nubs until soft and then roll into balls.

Photo by rahimzadenashworldamyvdhmartin life, David Axelolafimakeguernsey via Flickr. 


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