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One of the most important Hanukkah customs made more important with things like Lego.

The unique eight-branched candelabrum lit to commemorate Hanukkah presents an opportunity for crafting and teaching your kids about the eight day Festival of Lights. The menorah usually consists of a central stalk with a round base and three branches curving up on each side, with the tallest candle extending straight up from the base in the middle. This adaptable piece can be given a DIY spin, allowing you to turn your window sill into a work of art.

Here are 6 original ideas:

Glass bottle menorah: Strip the labels from 8 short bottles of the same height. One tall bottle, like a wine bottle or olive oil bottle stand in the middle. Cover each bottle with different coloured tissue paper and paint with hodge podge. Stick a candle stick in each bottle.

Branch menorah: This one requires a bit of time to make, but what it lacks in the luxury of speed it makes up for in style. A thick tree branch selected from the great outdoors makes the platform for your candles to stick in. Wipe clean and sandpaper if need be, then spray paint the colour of your choice. Depending on the shape and size of your branch, you could even paint some designs on it if you want. Drill 9 holes, and stick in 9 candles. Cut off the bottom of the other 8, if you can’t find one taller candle for the middle.

Noodle menorah: Dry pasta has been paired with glitter and made into crafts since penne was first baked into casseroles. Simply hot glue some short hollow noodles down to a lasagna noodle and stick in some birthday candles. Surround the candle with tin foil if its too skinny.

Apple menorah: Using an apple corer, hollow out nine apples leaving the bottom pretty thick, and as flat as you can. Put tea lights inside the holes, and for the middle, use a votive.

Marshmallow menorah: Stick nine marshmallows onto graham crackers with peanut butter. For the middle one, add a few more marshmallows with a toothpick or skewer to make it taller. How tall you want your menorah is up to you, but we believe a towering mallow menorah is quite an impressive sight. Stick birthday cake candles in each mallow.

PEZ-Norah: Check out this impressive invention born from a clever brain and a sweet tooth.

Photos by NPRDigiMedia, sissyboystud via Flickr

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