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Our six favourite kid-friendly iPad apps for solo and family play

Toca Tea Party

It doesn’t matter if you spill at this tea party. Set up your “table” with your choice of tablecloth, tea cups and saucers and an assortment of petit fours and tea sandwiches. Don’t forget to stick up that pinkie!

For iPad. $1.99. Ages 3+


The premise of this app is super-simple, but also super-smart. Your kid draws a picture on the iPad, and as they doodle a microphone records their (generally hilarious) play-by-play. You can upload their artistic voice-over video to YouTube to share with your buds, too.

For iPad and iPhone. $1.99. Ages 3+

Pepi Bath

Teach your small the ins and outs of getting clean, from bathing to laundry to washing their hands to (yup) going poop. This uber-cute app makes freshening up look adorable. (We can’t get enough of that smiling toilet paper roll.)

For iPod and iPad, Free. Ages 4+

Toca Kitchen

Get your kid excited about experimenting with new foods. This app gives them free reign on a fridge full of funky and fresh ingredients and a kitchen full of appliances. They can whip up their own dishes 80 different ways. Soon enough, they’ll be helping you with dinner IRL.

For iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. $1.99. Ages 3+

Story Panda App

Story Panda made a big impression at the Mama Bear Tech Conference last month. Families can create their own stories together, choosing a starting point from a virtual bookshelf full of books. From there, it’s sort of like reading a choose your own adventure book, but you choose everything – the characters, setting, and plot, and text. Then you can share your stories with your homies.

For iPad. Free. For ages 2 – 8.

Magictown Livebooks

Magictown aims to game-ify learning. Each “livebook” features four reading modes: a narrator reads the story and offers interactive tasks, parents and kids can read together or watch the story like a video, or kids can click through the story at their own pace.

Web app, coming soon to iPad and iPhone. Prices vary. For ages 2 -6.

Photo by paul schultz via Flickr.  

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