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Your harvest-tastic bucket list.


During fall, the world becomes a natural playground. Who says summer should have all the fun?

There are leaves for jumping in, apples for picking, hay bales for climbing … We’ve collected 50 awesome ideas to help you make the most of those crisp days and chilly nights before the frost hits.

And yes, we’re totally giving out Bunch bonus points to families that manage to do them all. Game ON.

1. Jump into a huge pile of freshly raked leaves.

2. Host a backyard barnyard birthday party. No birthday? Just make it a party.

3. Pick apples at your local orchard. Eat them 9 different awesome ways.

4. Do bark tree rubbings.

5. Head to a family farm and hop on a tractor.

6. Get a head start on your homemade Halloween costume.

7. Curl up with a big mug of apple cider.

8. Go on a local nature walk and get to know the fall foliage a little bit better.

9. Bob for apples. (Seriously. It’s fun.)

10. Cuddle up with the whole fam under a big snuggly duvet.

11. Make a Little House-inspired pomander.

12. Pick up a new book to read together as a family.

13. Make your own scarf, either by knitting or cutting up fabric (like fleece) in a long, narrow strip. Decorate it to the max!

14. Button your brand new coat to stay warm!

15. Paint pinecones in all sorts of crazy colours. (Fluorescent pink, anyone?)

16. Make a big pot of chili and eat it with homemade cornbread.

17. Shuck corn en famille, and whip up some awesome corny recipes when you’re done.

18. Grab a pumpkin and a glue gun and some sequins and make a disco gourd!

19. Have a cool-air picnic. Keep lots of warm food at the ready with insulated thermoses!

20. Make handprint turkeys. Old school, still cool.

21. Get lost in a corn maze.

22. Make apple pies in the actual apples. Yup. It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

23. Watch your favourite fall classics, like It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

24. Plan a nature scavenger hunt.

25. Collect acorns in a jar. Paint little faces on each of them and make an acorn family. (Not to be confused with the Akron Family.)

26. Make country-style desserts in mason jars.

27. Make a fall bouquet of sunflowers and pussywillows.

28. Go to a football game. (Or play one yourself.)

29. Make a gorgeous garland out of fall leaves.

30. Roast pumpkin seeds.

31. Don’t bypass those rainy day puddles; don your galoshes and jump on in.

32. Make leaf tracings or pressings.

33. Mix up a fall trail mix with candy corn and roasted nuts.

34. Plant a windowsill garden so you’ll have fresh herbs through the cooler weather.

35. Put pumpkin pie spice and pumpkin puree in your smoothies, pancake and waffle mix.

36. Visit a fall fair.

37. Donate canned goods to your local food bank. (Actually, this one’s good to do any time of the year!)

38. Check out a flea market.

39. Tell the scariest ghost stories you can think up.

40.Carve a yam-o-lantern.

41. Eat toasty oatmeal topped with the yummiest ingredients you can think of for breaky.

42. Make the coolest indoor fort ever, grab your sleeping bag and camp out in your living room. (Who says you need summer to camp?)

43. Plant bulbs for spring with your kids. Learn about what plants do all winter long.

44. Get the craziest gourds and root vegetables you can find. Have a mini-foodie taste test and see if your kids like rutabega, spaghetti squash or turnips the best.

45. Make your own scarecrow for your backyard.

46. Make popcorn on the stove and top it with the craziest toppings you can think of.

47. Head to a field  (or somewhere dark) and check out the autumn stars with a thermos of ho-cho.

48. Visit a haunted house. Better yet, turn yours into one.

49. Hollow out gourds to make tea-light holders.

50. Make apple prints.


Photos by nicksee, Korazun, Giveaway Boy, Modern RelicsAbby Batchhelder, wburris, JillOW, st. janne and Alphamom

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