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For the toastiest toes on chilly November days.

Photo by Gabriela Camerotti via Flickr.

Yep, it’s November. All of a sudden those flimsy cotton ankle socks just don’t cut it. Instead of brooding about the impending frost (and dare we say it, snow) we hunted around for the biggest, boldest and woolliest specimens around. Why wool? This super durable fibre can absorb 30% of its weight in moisture without getting damp and also wicks sweat away from the body, so that sweaty feet don’t become cold. These ones are great for everyday wear, winter sports action or just kicking around the house on cold nights.

1.  Pook Boots

From the Waterloo, Ontario based makers of the versatile, beloved Pook Toque come cozy wool sock-slippers modelled after traditional Canadian work socks. These come with a plush fleece lining for added kid-appeal. Pick up a pair at The 100 Mile Child (348 Danforth Ave) or direct from the Pook people online.

2. Smartwool Socks (2-pack)

These socks may look super cute, but their soft merino wool is hardy enough for snow day play. The folks at Smartwool make them as wearable as possible, especially in winter, and each sock has more wool in areas of the feet that get cold and less in spots that get hot. Ingenious. Pick up a pair at Kol Kid (647 Queen St. W in Toronto) or order online.

3. Smartwool Infant Bootie Socks

Made of 78% merino wool, 21% nylon, and 1% elastic, these delicious bootie socks for babies are 100% ideal for weekend cuddle-time, not to mention wet-weather forays outside. Available online from MEC in Canada and in the U.S. from Montana-based Bob Ward & Sons.

4. Maggies Organics Wool Socks

For a lightweight everyday option, Maggie’s socks for children are cute, luxurious on the feet and durable enough to last years. Seriously, years. They come in ankle, knee or mid-calf for babies, toddlers and youth and are fair-trade and organic. You can even get matching sets for you and your kiddo.

5. Inka’s Handcrafts Alpaca Socks

How inviting do these look? Made of 100% alpaca wool using traditional Inca methods, they’re silky and toasty warm. Your purchase of these socks will also support Peruvian craftspeople who work hard to maintain the traditional skills of their ancestors.

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