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Kid friendly techniques for show-stopping pumpkins

You don’t have to carve the Mona Lisa to make an impressive Jac-o’-lantern. You don’t even need to use a knife at all. These 5 pumpkin decorating ideas are completely doable by kids independently, using materials like gems, paint and candy to jazz up the exterior. Besides, who wants to deal with pumpkin guts?

Silhouette pumpkin

This shadowy decal will fit right in on a ghostly front porch. First, paint your pumpkin completely white. Find the flattest side and tape a simple stencil over it. Trace the lines using a pencil. Remove the stencil and paint in the pencil lines black.

Bedazzled pumpkin

Give your pumpkin bling! Stick on glittery craft store jewels at random (“Starry Night” style if you’re ambitious) or in patterns like hearts, or other shapes. It’s an especially cool effect with  a sprawling spider web design. Check out more of this glam idea at foreverthehostess.blogspot.ca.

Candy face pumpkin

Mmmm! Decorate your pumpkin potato-head style with candy features. Mini marshmallows make great teeth, or try gummie fangs, licorice coils for eyes, or candy corn nostrils. Experiment with using the wrappers: Stick them on with toothpicks or glue. Playing with candy rules.

Chalkboard pumpkin

You can decorate and wipe off this pumpkin as often as you like. All you need to is some chalkboard paint from a craft store to turn any Halloween surface into a slate.

Make sure your pumpkin is room temperature before you start. Wrap the stem with tape so it doesn’t get painted. Cover the entire pumpkin with a coat of chalkboard paint. Wait until completely dry, then add a second coat. You’ll need to let it dry for 24 hours. It should be matte. “Condition” the paint by drawing all over it with chalk and wiping it off. Watch the play-by-play at lrstitched.com.

Gauze mummy pumpkin

Make a mummy pumpkin head by gluing googly eyes directly onto the pumpkin, then wrapping with gauze, making sure the eyes peep out a little. Draw a red or black marker slash in the gauze for the mouth.

Photo by DQMountaingirllonecellotheoryroadmapsaseyes via Flickr and lrstitched.com 

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