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Well, it’s supposed to rain this week — if not today, then tomorrow.

Monsoon season keeps getting longer in Ontario, so we had better be prepared. With that in mind, here’s a roundup of kids’ crafts and activities for rainy days. (Click on the title or right on the pictures below.)

1. Yarn Laser Grid

This is fairly self-evident, right? Take some red yarn, string it up back and forth along a hallway to make a laser-like grid. Whatever limb touches the yarn is severed.

2. No Flour, No Salt Homemade Play-dough Recipe

Crafts for kids: the ingredients for gluten and salt free play-dough


Not only is this recipe gluten and salt free, it is also very easy. I am really looking forward to trying this one and making my own colour and scent combinations like neon pink geranium and purple tuna.

3. Toilet Paper Roll Cars

This project has the added benefit of appearing on a site that is entirely in Hungarian. Google translate kind of works (no, it doesn’t) but that doesn’t really matter as the images are fairly self-explanatory. The finished product is so cool looking and fun that it’s easy to imagine the thousands of variations on a theme.

 4. Birthday Reminder Helper For Jerks Like Me

If your children are still young enough that their brains haven’t been corrupted against remembering the birthdays of the people who are closest to them I highly recommend this craft. If can be made with any materials: cardboard, paper, wood or guilt. Take advantage of this craft by getting awkward family stories out of the way while everybody’s distracted.

5. Rainbow Rice

This is so cute and awesome and especially great if you, like me, have a couple of sketchy old bags of rice hanging around in your cupboards that you were saving for the apocalypse. With some empty plastic bins and sandbox toys your kids can dig and play for hours. And no matter what they do, the end result will be beautiful.

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