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Because not every egg needs to be a creme egg

You may have one of those kids who doesn’t like chocolate, or you may just want to limit the amount of egg and bunny-shaped sugary treats they’re receiving this year. Either way, here are five Easter treats that lack both chocolate and high fructose corn syrup.

1. Egg sidewalk chalk: This treat comes closest to looking like what you might dip into a bowl of coloured water. Best part: A chalk egg lasts way longer than its chocolatey counterpart. Downside: Since we’ve been having such a grey/wet/snowy/crummy April, Sunday’s not looking like an optimal “get out and colour” day. Monday does though!

2. Bunny egg cups: The incredible, edible egg! Like, the real kind. Once you’ve boiled your free-run chicken eggs just enough so that the white is solid and the yolk is toast-dippingly perfect, a sweet little egg cup is the perfect way to serve breakfast on Easter morning.

3. Easter egg baking pan: OK, so once you’ve make the cake batter and the tiny cake eggs have cooled enough to be decorated, you haven’t really eliminated the whole sugar and chocolate issue, but it’s still a nice alternative. Bonus: You can use your egg-shaped baking pan to make our favourite craft — recycled seasonal crayons!

4. Bunny eggs, Barrel of Monkey-style: When the weather is preventing any sidewalk chalk activities, this makes for a nice indoor game and won’t add to the kids’ sugar intake.

5. Dino egg bath bomb: Who says Easter eggs need to come from chickens? Or bunnies? (The Cadbury Bunny does lay the creme eggs right, or does he just find them?) An egg shaped bath bomb makes for some good, clean fun. (And maybe makes it easier for parents who need to get kids cleaned up before a big family dinner or Easter service?)

Photo by Danielle Henderson via Flickr

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