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Our Beachy, Summery Bunchbrary

Welcome to summer! It’s June 21st and all we can think about is, “How fast can we get to the beach?” Days are long and it’s a perfect time to be out swimming, grilling hamburgers and riding our bikes to the ice cream parlour. Here are five movies that deal with all that is awesome (and a couple things that are scary) about summer.

1. Gidget (1959)

Frances isn’t into the idea of just sunbathing in a bikini in hopes of attracting some surfer dudes. After an incident with some kelp, she becomes interested in surfing and is given the name Gidget since the surfer dudes consider her a girl midget. Yes, it deals with some mature themes towards the end, when Moondoggie thinks that Big Kahuna is into Gidget, but mainly it’s about surfing and Gidget having the best summer ever.

2. Jaws (1975)

If your kids love Shark Week, it might be time to introduce them to Jaws. (OK, and maybe this should be restricted to ages 8 and up, but you know your kids best). At the very least, it’s a good way to teach them some water safety tips: No ocean swimming after dark, no swimming near a pier, no shark hunting without Roy Schneider. And if your kids are into the Transformers and super heroes and such, they oughta know that this is where the summer blockbuster comes from.

3. My Girl (1991)

Veda is kinda weird, has a dad who doesn’t know how to talk to her and her best friend is a wimp. Jamie Lee Curtis gives her some great advice, “A girl can never wear too much blue eyeshadow.” Veda’s only 8 but grows up a lot this one summer.

4. Now and Then (1995)

The is key slumber party viewing. Grownup women are excited about their friend’s baby and think back to the summer of 1970.

5. Swiss Family Robinson (1960)

Is there a better summer goal than to create the ultimate tree house? This is basically a story that revolves around a tree house. (Well, the family only builds the tree house after they’re shipwrecked on a desert island, but still!)

And we really want to include the Sandlot here, since it’s about a group of boys having the greatest summer of their lives (1962), but it’s already made its appearance on a Bunchbrary or two. Likewise the Parent Trap.

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