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Introduce your kid to photography beyond the phone picture

The magic of photography is as mystifying as it is fascinating for kids –  diving right into the big world of digital cameras may result in disaster. There are lots of options for young artistes who are a level-up from a disposable camera, but not quite ready to share your digicam. Here are our top 5 picks for gadgets made just for them.


For the down and dirty adventurer: Fisher Price Kid Tough Waterproof Digital Camera $40

Kid Tough Digital Camera

This durable puppy comes with rubber handles at both ends so kids can maintain a good grip while taking pics on all sorts of summer adventures. Not only will it stand up to drop after drop (rocks, tiles, the court), but it can also be totally submerged in water (pools, lakes, battling bog monsters).

For the buddying techie: VTech Kidizoom Plus $60

VTech KidiZoom Camera

This is a camera built for geeking out — kids can take photos, edit photos, record videos, and play games and music. As far as kids cameras go, this one is superior in quality (2 megapixels of resolution, which is a lot higher than most other kids cams). It’s also supers-leek looking, so your kid will be proud to nerd out.

For the short attention spanned: Fujifilm Instax Mini Film Camera $65

Fujifilm Camera

Pocket-friendly and portable for summer adventures, retro for cool looks, prints instantly for short attention spans (or ice cream sugar highs). Mini film cartridges make credit card-sized pics, so kids can swap ‘em like trading cards. Cool for collage making.

For the artistic soul: Leapfrog Leapster Explorer Camera and Video Recorder $35

LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Camera

If you have a Leapster explorer handheld, you can add this accessory to turn it into a camera, video recorder, and one-stop-shop for handheld art projects. Kids can turn their pictures into jigsaw puzzles and story-books, and add their own doodles. They even make music videos with it.

For self-portrait artistes: Digital Blue U Turn Camera $50

Digital Blue Uturn Camera

This camera lets your kid master the self portrait — the lens on this one swivels around backward so kids can take pictures of themselves and see their faces on the screen at the same time. Kids can mess around with 12 different “morph effects” — stretch, swirl and colour and ghost mode in pictures on the camera itself.

Photo by Avery Studio via Flickr. 

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