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From bike decor to bracelets, we’re getting crafty this summer.

1. DIY Hula Hoops

This homemade hula hoop is durable enough that it’ll last longer than any dollar store version, so your kids can get down with some serious swivelling. It’s also totally customizable — we show you how to tape wrap your own cool design. Work those hips!

2. DIY Bike Handle Ribbons

Make sure no one else on the block is rocking the same bike style by making your own flowing handlebar streamers. All you need to do is shred up some multi-coloured plastic party bags from the dollar store and your kid can ride off into the sunset with the wind in their ribbons.

3. Construction Paper Bugs

For those days when playing with real creepy crawlers just isn’t in the cards, these toilet paper roll critter pals will offer some satisfaction. Now your kid can bring bees, butterflies and spiders into the house whenever they want!

4. Fairy Houses 

Let the fairies in your garden live large this summer. First, scope out your real estate, gather your building materials and then your kids can construct the fairy palace of their dreams. Every summer garden needs a little magic.

5. Beading Bracelets

Ah, beaded bracelets, the ultimate camp souvenir. Get your kid hooked on these DIY accessories and all their friends will be blinged out in no time. Be warned: these are seriously addictive. You may find yourself taking part more often than not.
Photo: amandavenner via Flickr. 
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