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Melt them, shave them, or mold them; crayons make a great Valentines

Crayon Stained Glass Cards

You’ll need: waxed paper, a pencil sharpener, crayons, a bone folder, and a warm iron.

Remove the paper from crayons and shave them using a pencil sharpener. Sprinkle the waxed paper with the shavings. (The more wax you sprinkle, the more opaque the colours will be).

Fold the paper in half, then fold along the edges to prevent the melted crayon wax from leaking. Iron the folded wax paper on a medium setting until the shavings melt. To prevent leaks, place a few sheets of scrap paper on the top and bottom.

Cut the “stained glass” wax paper slightly smaller than the card and tape it closed using double sided tape. For the card, fold a piece of card stock in half. Cut one big heart, or a few small ones out of the front. (Gently fold, and draw half a heart on the fold line. Cut out the heart, unfold, and smooth out the crease.)

Stick the wax stained glass paper onto the inside front flap with two sided tape. Write your message inside!

Crayon Heart Decals

You’ll need: crayon stubs, ribbon, card stock.

For a card that doubles as a useful, multi-coloured gift, melt down some old crayon stubs in a heart shaped silicon baking pan. If you can’t get your hands on one of those, melt the wax and wait till it’s cool enough to handle, then form into heart shapes with your hands.

You want them to be fairly flat, so they’ll stick on paper with glue.

Cut a heart shape out of card stock, slightly bigger than your crayon heart. Glue the crayon heart to the middle of the cardstock with a hot glue gun. Tie some twine or ribbon around the crayon piece for some added flair. See how cool it looks at whipperberry!

Crayon Suncatchers

You’ll need: waxed paper, a pencil sharpener, crayon stubs, a warm iron and ribbon. Like the stained glass cards, this craft requires melting crayon shavings into waxed paper and ironing over it.

After scattering the crayons around the wax paper and placing another sheet on top, iron the two pieces together and let cool.

Cut out several different sizes of multicoloured hearts, and punch a hole near the top of each. Loop ribbon or yarn through the hole to make a hanger. (Hint – use the sparkly crayons for an extra glitzy suncatcher!)

BONUS IDEA: When sticking your valentines into envelopes, use crayons as sealing wax for envelopes! Melt crayons and allow the drippings to fall onto the seal of an envelope and stamp with a metal stamp.


Photos by KTVeemeerhaems via Flickr

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