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How much do we love these two?

Jarad Dawkins and Malcolm Brickhouse have known each other since they were four years old (they met at a birthday party). They started their first band – Tears Of Blood – when they were FIVE. The two middle-schoolers are astonishingly self-assured about how good their playing is, what their music means to them, and what it means to grow up loving metal in a hip hop neighbourhood.

And you don’t have to be a metalhead to see that kid can shred.

They recently added bassist Alec Atkins to the mix. They perform in Times Square on the regular, where tourists stop to toss some coin and record some video (like the clip above; there’s tons more Times Square footage out there). The band practices for hours on end every weekend – in fact, they don’t notice that it’s gone well past bedtime until one of their parents comes down to the basement to tell them so.

They might be picked on for wearing black nail polish, but they know who they are. Check out their interview with Vice here and watch the mini-documentary by Luke Meyer below.

Learn more about Unlocking The Truth HERE.

Directed by Luke Meyer / Produced by Julia Wilczok & Tom Davis / Director of Photography: Hillary Spera / Camera Assistant: Matt Burke / Additional Filming by Luke Meyer / Location Sound Recordist: Guillermo Hernan Peña-Tapia / Edited by Harry Nelson / Music by Unlocking The Truth / Special Thanks to Annette Jackson & Tracey Brickhouse

source: Avant Garde Diaries

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