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Stylish dads across the decades, we salute you!

Dad style never goes out of fashion, and to prove our point, we’ve rounded up these 12 amazing photos as photographic proof of awesome dads across the decades. From stripey shirts and aviators (above) to wool coats and bundled babies (below) these vintage dads all have one thing in common: wicked style.

The only thing that could challenge the coolness of that super computer? This dad’s burly mega-beard. Amazing.


Before people wore huge glasses as an ironic style statement, some dads were quite happy to wear them as just a regular style statement.


Like father, like sons. This dapper trio looks completely casual leaning against a fence, but their duds say otherwise.


Photobooth pics are meant for secret kisses… oh, and funny baby faces, too.


This adorable photo of a boyscout and his dad could be from 2012. Except for one thing…


Holy Mad Men, Batman. This family photo shows off three generations of great style. We think Don would approve.


The look on this dad’s face says it all. The most stylish accessory around is a new baby.


Those hats! Those jackets! That AMAZING baby bundled up for winter. We get the warm fuzzies just looking at this.


Then as now, dads loved hanging out with their kids at the beach. Except back then their swimsuits had belts.


Moustache, check. Aviators, check. But this isn’t an Instagram pic of a hipster dad. This one is the real deal.


All we want for Christmas is a a super-cool dad like this. And maybe a stag head on the wall.


Photos from clintjcl, aroid, waltjabsco, chpaquette, prettywarstl, chidorian, stevenleona, cobralibre, cocteauboy, gregor_y, debbie_koenigs via Flickr

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