Got Diapers? — Support The Diaper Bank

Dale McIntosh says she was ‘just’ a mom who’d had her first baby, still in the fog of early parenthood. It was in the wee hours that she heard an interview with a Peel Children’s Aid Society worker about diaper need – when a parent is forced to cut down on basic necessities, such as food,… Read More »

Baby Beatles Bust Out

When I was small, I was allowed to put on my own records. Sure, we had what was then commonly called ‘children’s music’ but my parents also went by the theory that if they liked it, it was good enough for me. Hence my interest in their favourite band, The Beatles. Along with Fred Penner and… Read More »

Does Brony Culture Promote Homophobia?

You already know I have some things to say about My Little Pony. And in that I have already confessed to watching the Brony documentary. We’ve established that: I think My Little Pony is just okay; that my daughter watches it and plays with the toys sometimes; and that I like breaking down gender constructs.… Read More »

‘Nicotine’ (neonicotinoid) is bad for bees too

You don’t want your kids to smoke, right? Turns out, nicotine-like substances are harmful to bees as well, especially when it comes to producing more queen bees – the ‘super moms’ of the colonies. The fate of bees and other insects is important because about a third of the food we eat, one bite in every… Read More »

Luckey Climbers

Luckey is a family-run company that builds artful and amazing climbing structures for kids. You can find Luckey climbers in children’s museum and parks from  Boston to Bülach and in between. Check out more of their work here and below. I want to climb on these with my kids! How about you?

World Doula Week

  It’s World Doula Week and reader (and doula) Nici Shipway sent us this great post… It being world doula week (Mar 22-28) I thought it would be fitting to write an article on how doulas influence birth for parents and babies. Whenever I tell someone that I am a doula I often get a… Read More »

Your Guide to Earth Hour 2014

Turn out the lights, un-plug the fridge and get your darkness on darlings, because tomorrow is Earth Hour 2014, a time to reflect about the environment, and have some fun in the dark. (Which, if you’re a Bunch-reader most likely means G-rated fun in the dark, but what have you.) Kids are usually huge fans… Read More »