Stroller Dad Shoes

I caught myself jogging this afternoon. At first I thought I was running, but then I realized I wasn’t even late for anything. Definitely jogging. It must have started on the big hill I push the double stroller up twice a day (see also Stroller Guns) — once to take my oldest daughter to school,… Read More »

World Cup 2014 Flag Spotting Game

I love the flags of the World Cup – the way humble houses become castles earnestly festooned with small lawn flags and cars fly colours like ships at sea. Toronto feels like the port of the world during the World Cup and when my children were younger I saw it as a chance to have some fun… Read More »

Wild Panama City

“Look — a flying banana!” My husband had not lost his mind. He was pointing at a toucan, and yes – with its huge bill a flash of yellow-green – it did indeed look like a flying banana. As you may have guessed, we weren’t home in Toronto. We were in Panama City, capital of… Read More »

Life as a Prompt-o-Tron

On the weekend, Georgia and I had a Kramer vs. Kramer moment. Of sorts. The scene I’m referring to is close to the end of the movie: Dustin Hoffman’s character and his son make breakfast together. They work silently, in complete coordination with a smooth choreography that only comes from a shared routine. The scene is… Read More »

GIANT Slip ‘N Slide in Bickford Park on Saturday

The idea for Toronto’s biggest Slip ‘N Slide was actually born in the dead of winter. “There was a party at my house that went late and in the morning we all went tobogganing. We wondered, ‘What if we could slide down this amazing hill in summer?’” explains Keita Demming, the man behind the 100 foot long Slip ‘N Slide… Read More »

Help Women Art Entrepreneurs in Khayelitsha Township

Toronto-based photographer Andrea Rees didn’t spend Mother’s Day this year with her two sons, aged 4 and 8. Instead, she arrived in Cape Town’s Khayelitsha Township community armed with old iPhones donated by family and friends. For the past 12 days, Rees has been teaching mobile photography to women in that community, skills that will… Read More »

5 Sloth Books You Need Right Now

Who knew books about sloths were a thing? Behold the awesomeness of these sloth books for kids. 1. “Slowly, Slowly, Slowly” Said the Sloth By Eric Carle Kids love Eric Carle and parents get sick of that caterpillar; this book is not only a good read, but a quick read that’s appropriate for a wide… Read More »

Whose Dream Should I Be Living?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about modern messaging about ‘Living Your Dreams.’ If you’ve ever been on a social network, you’ve already seen the taglines that triggered this post: Give it all up. Get off the grid. Be more courageous. Travel now. Live authentically. Close your computer. “You don’t have to be a millionaire to… Read More »

And Sew It Goes …

My daughter was sick the other day so I stayed home too, and we spent much of our day together on the couch. I tackled work email and leftover chores, while she watched endless episodes of My Little Pony — a fringe benefit of not having to share the television with her brother. In the… Read More »